Air n Armour Part2/2

Turn 6 4pm

2x Tornados kill 2 steps, 1 is an Engineer. 12/36 lose 2 steps in a failed attack. Gerolshofen is attacked by the Soviets. Soviets begin bypassing,

2/3 is still stuck on wrong side of the Main River. 79G activates next and assaults Popperhausen.

This kills one step, the rest retreat the Soviets loose two steps. Rinse and repeat.

Adding gunships to the next attack bumps up the attacking force and this time they lose 2 and kill 3.

Turn 7 6pm

79G loses 4 steps in a big attack, where Germans bring heavy arty to play. 2 steps of 35th Pzrs die.

Soviets attack again, 2/3M attacks losing two steps.

Turn8 8pm 39G attacks. 1/3M is being chipped away to nothing, another 2:1 loss. 6 companies remain in 1/3M!! 12/36 retreats.

Turn 9 26LL arrives to fill holes 3 steps at a time. 6x Mig attack kill 2 steps. The Soviets switch air attacks to focus upon Arty.

4x Su 24’s do the same. knocking 3 precious steps off board. 79th Attacks 12/35 – 2:1.

US powers in with 3x Airstrikes and focus’s on Soviet Arty, knocking 3 steps out, 2 of which are Arty.

57G moves past Schweinfurt.

US launches Chem strikes to slow down the Soviets!

Turn 10 3/3M moves to replace 1&2/3M. 215/79 assaults.

Germans attack killing one lone step and get an arty kill. 174th /57G kills off 2/3M HQ. With the Soviets deep into the 3rd quarter of the map, with little but 26LL to halt it.

US/NATO concedes defeat.

2 thoughts on “Air n Armour Part2/2

  1. I’d get all the chrome going. It is very straight forward. 90% table lookup based i.e. chemicals.
    Air is critical.
    Really one of the better wargames I have played in a long time!!!! I do not know how I missed this until now. I must admit I did not see much other than AH and SPI when I played in my first gaming life in Oz.
    This system needs to be released again.

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