Air n Armour – 2nd play part 1/2

Due to the insanely tense play, and live blogging this, my notes are a bit sporadic and whacky.

I hope you can follow along.

Turn 1 Soviets open the war with bombing of facilities. 6x Su-17 run on the US arty, knocking out 2 steps.

4x SU-24’s attack units in Hoffheim.

Destroying the Cav. 4x Su-25s pop a disrupted and knck off two steps in units in Hambach.

The Germans move to shake loose the Paras who land near Hemelberg.

The 1/3M attacks the 207 Bde @ Gochseim. 2/3 moves to Schwinfun.

Turn 2 8AM 36 Bde and Apaches + US arty attack the Soviets. 4x Su-17s strike.

The Soviets launch non persistent chemical weapons attack on Werneck. 1st attack fails, subsequent hexes knock out 4 steps, including an Engineer.

Contamination spreads. The 39thGuard attacks units in Hasslhurt.

The Main River is under threat. Counter attacks on paras prove difficult. 1/3M moves to contain the 79thGuard. Meanwhile 2/3 decontaminates.

BAD RISSINGEN bridges are blown by 12th Pzr.

Turn 3 10am Electronic Warfare efforts on 39th G and 107th fail. MiG 29’s kill M1’s racing to the bridges.

Another Chem attack is launched.

This time a persistent one upon the 36th/12. It blocks a highway hex and has no other effect.

39th Assaults causing 2 Inf and 2 armour step losses.

117th March to the Main river. Soviets tie up forces near the Main. the 112th attacks, forces back a few Soviet Battalions.

Choppers and Infantry crack #rd Armours tanks up. 79thGuard continues to on board near hwy 19 & Oerlenbach.

Turn 4 Noon.

Germans use Interdiction to slow down the 79th.

3 Tornados pop 2 tank steps on the 39G.

Turn 5

117/118 asault in force and lose 2 steps taking down 3…. the 3rd Motorized is forced to retreat after their counter attack inflicts heavy losses on them.

US 3rd Bde is closed to shattering. 12/36 interdicts Hambach, in an effort to stem the tide.

German 12/35 is attacked and loses 2 steps taking down 2 with them. 79th attacks forcing a loss and a retreat. Soviet 57th Guard Enters the map….


continued on the 5th of Oct.

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  1. Hi there, while I have not noted much about the combat system or movement or command, I would encourage you readers to read a little on BGG about it.
    Even if just those 3 aspects were unique this would be a very innovative game, but it has more chrome than a 67 Chevy.

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