Africanus! to Carthage! 211-210

3-26-2014 10-36-07 AMWith some level of risk ready to be born, we must take the chance with a perfect hand.

With Scipio on deck and TWO Forced March and 1 Treachery our path is pre determined.

The FM cards allow Scipio to attempt to Siege rolls in a turn, so does the Treachery. This means we can have 6 rolls to earn 3 points in the span of 3 cards.

3-26-2014 10-36-37 AM

By using the Minor Campaign we allow ourselves to bring our Nero to the desert to take on the smaller Carthage army there, which will force it to fight and not interfere with Siege.

Ideally this will at the very least have Hannbal rush back to Carthage, unless he has a break siege or similar card.

Rome can last 1 turn in Northern Italy then up to 3 cards with Rome under siege.  So going for the Auto victory seems right.

The worst case is…well we lose, but more likely we can at least cause some pain and drag Hannibal away from the fight.

3-26-2014 10-36-56 AM

He may choose to use his other General in Iberia for the rescue? That then could let me get back into Spain and pick up PC.

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