Advance After Combat Episode #5

 Here are my comments on the Advance After Combat Podcast typed up listening live. Thank Goodness I have not been drinking. This could have gotten ugly early.

The guys new purchases this month:

Distant Plain

Jason has enjoyed this based upon his video play thru and comments:


Dave bought!!! >>>>

Battle of Moscowa – Clash of Arms, nice.

Primer Battles of the Age of Reason

Federation Commander

Stonewall Jackson – MMP.

The monster World at War – 200 pages of rules and super complexity!

Goodies, including clippers.

Here is the actual link to the podcast go take a listen.

The Blog Cast!

Games played – Twilight Struggle…

I have to agree here. I think many of you have seen my Video of my play of TS….;)

Storm of Stalingrad, Jason dug it.

None but Heroes, Marshall plays some ACW!

Terrain, as in many Gamers titles is not artificially conformed to hexsides, which causes a few issues here and there. He does not play with the Orders yet. Tsk Tsk. I hope he gets to them soonest, this a core part of the game and adds a lot of tension, both solo and Face to Face.

Marshall rails on LNLP the WaW system again…..sigh. Here we go…

David gives his impressions, and piles on. While there are many oversights in America Conquered ( I think it is the single worst produced LNLP title ever produced, the game play is excellent)

Sadly  Dave is missing or missed the full back really does not cover the situation based upon the entire back story. For example WWIII has been raging for several months. France has already nuked the Soviets and the Soviets have responded… sigh. Ok, the story sucks got it, now we are spun upon on scenario introductions…Funnily enough I read some of the introductions to scenarios over at the Board Game Show for Eisenbach Gap.  It seems that the entire AAC guys have a hard on for LNLP, …LOL, I think.

Try the game online on Vassal then decide is all I can say…oh but wait then there is more!!!!

So the point is don’t piss about with back story just put the game out and let me shoot stuff. Sorry. No thanks.

Here is where I differ. One of the things that bothers me about small action level games, from skirmish to platoon level is the lack of context in the overall scheme of things. Why did that action matter? Why are these platoons headed to this bridge? To me it is NOT just about getting some tanks to bang heads. I require a purpose a theme. That is why the idea of skirmish level minis makes me wary. I do not want to just go buy a 6 point army and bang heads. It has to have context. That is why Saga is unlikely to ever hit my table.

Then Marshall goes to town on a second rant – hilarious…talking about the wrong title again, and bitching about printing, which we all know they have had issues for 2 or 3 of the recent titles. ok I get it.,,, the fucking horse is dead guys.

2013-03-21 18.44.37


sigh…it is at this point I got to turn off the pod cast. EVERY Episode now has been a ragging on LNLP. I’m really trying to understand why that has to happen.

Can we move on?

I know I’m a fan boy so I’ll let it go. It was a great podcast up until then.

Can’t wait for next months episode.






4 thoughts on “Advance After Combat Episode #5

  1. I don’t ever mean to rag on LnL, I just can’t argue against people’s (or my) complaints with the games. We keep talking about their games because I’m playing at least one of them every month, which I think says a lot about how the games shine in spite of the issues. I’ll be playing more LnL:FH, V hopefully over the next month, and can hopefully keep it positive (I’m enjoying the game immensely).

    You missed the Jodi Arias vs Casey Anthony talk.

    Thanks for such an in depth look at the podcast, multi-media goodness!

    • Hey Jason, it is not your comments that I find dis heartening. Even David had some legitimate gripes once he got to the rules, and past the storyline drama, and the fonts ok..EVERYONE knows about the fonts, move on it is not going to change.
      As I said in my post, AC is one of the worst produced modules of the series. I’ve taken that up directly with Mark, with new management and held back $ on new product until I see an improvement in counter printing. Other recent releases have been excellent for LNL and NaW. I think that the smaller companies like LNL need to be given a little grace, you manage to do that with your videos and comments, that is cool. But I can tell you as a fan & listener I just tune out when the same old rant and talking over people starts. It was funny the first time….
      So my issue is when someone just jumps in and bashes, with the same tired old bullshit. ‘counter art’, and issues with maps…I’ll bet dollars to donuts that person has not played the fricken game(s), givne they cannot even keep which title is which straight. That said the complaints are never justified, or explained. Please explain to me “what is wrong with the art”, Art is a subjective opinion, I get it – is it style, is it color palette, is it the artist?

      I think many SPI titles have tired old graphics, but some still shine 30 years on….If I were to get started on ASL counter art, well come on now. Any way thanks for posting here I enjoy your comments.

    • It’s funny, I appreciate the unfiltered honesty, and I unabashedly love LnL Publishing, warts and all. But without even knowing the (apparent) issues with WaW:AC, I think the new ownership is doing more harm than good. The new new (sic) preorder system doesn’t exactly inspire consumer confidence, and the pricing tiers for the LnL Normandy package beggar belief (for instance, I can preorder the full game for $65, OR the special add-on modules alone for $90). Funny to see a tiny wargaming company engage in boutique pricing. (I’m not in this hobby for the prestige.) That said, I’ll be plunking down the full $180 (considering the leader option at $250) to help see the module through to publication.

      • Tyler, yes. Note that AC issues are a hangover from the transition. They are seeking a new printer. The delays with LOF14 coming are due to printing issues. The pricing is beyond me also.
        The idea I thought was the EARLIER you ordered the BIGGER your discount. That does not seem to be the case – well it is but they have raised up retail. I was a bg supporter all in on highest levels, I’m being selective and holding my dollars until the current rash of stuff flushs thru the pipe. For me LOF 14 is a limitus test, the the next major module.
        They have a challenge they need to reprint a LOT of stuff so supplemental related stock can be sold, and they need to get some fresh titles out.
        ALSO- my issue with the podcast is the ‘auto response’ oh fuck that crap’ with out any discussion or rationalization. It was funny the first time not the 5th time.

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