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With the exposure of the heavy wargamer, hard drinking, take no prisoners crew demographics from the Advance After Combat Guild on BGG being shown to be a crock and rather Mostly Euro and definitely Hipster, style CDG-ish Carcassone playing meeple collectors.....Questions need to be asked about the guys running this freaking PodCast!

All this time I thought I was posting about men playing wargames. But secretly these guys are playing WTF… Euros and flipping Cards.

What the FUCK? Where are my God damn HEXES!  What happened to the 30 page rule book? Where is the Era specific theme and the narrative. Talk about pink fucking ponies and tank farting cats.

I guess that was the first sign eh?

Ok…..At least the podcast hosts are playing real games. 🙂 Tune in for this weeks new format. Where members of the Guild are interviewed and offer up their insights on a game of choice.

NSFW as always and another damn fine podcast.

Meanwhile the other guild members are quickly scrambling for testosterone shots and bidding farewell to Arigcola before man cards are revoked.

But seriously. The Advance After Combat community is what is awesome about the wargame space today. A lot of NEW WAR  gamers. Who are under 40 and exploring.

They talk smack, have a cocktail and get involved. They create community.

THAT is one of the core tenants of a great hobby. Something that gives like minded people a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves and more important than the individual.

Carry on men. Keep your euros. You have earned the right.

I have  little secret too:2014-04-06 12.49.43



2 thoughts on “Advance After Euro

  1. Finally! You wrote about something important on this website. :). I’ve told them a million times. They need to hide those guilty games. Deep down. Bury that shit

  2. Love your work Kev; informative and insightful as always. I still think Carcassone: Case Blau would be a winner of a game! 😉

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