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Mitch is the guest and he talks about Next War: India Pakistan

his up coming title  is seriously interesting to me – Taiwan would take some real convincing. Mitch also talked about the inherent problems he had with the Korea title, specifically the up skilling of the NORKS. His newest scenario provides a look at a more ‘realistic’  set of circumstances based upon what we know or think we know. The good news is that the air war appears to have been tweaked also, in  particular as it pertains to strike packages.
Death Ride Series from The Grognard Simulations title was explored by David and discussed next. I was keen to hear how platoon level tactics played.

This review however was more of a mechanics discussion and an exploration of the add ons and chrome. I really thought this was pretty cool.

Not sure I am prepared to spring for the cost without knowing more about how it compares to say ATS, TCS. Not much around in the armour focussed platoon scale to talk about so this system is on my watch list.

BAR Prague

Damn Mitch.. I may have to spring for this. I was hoping to avoid BAR.

Dien bien Phu

Cute, light, next. I never really got into SoS system. But the guys dig it and local players here are saying good things. So time for a revisit? I still have the ATO DBP to deal with and a pending buy of Legion games title also.


Lots of this you have seen here already ala – Mantinea Battle Report , Dave played some of GBoH this month and shares first impressions. My take away was he liked it.

With Brendans new VASSAL module out I hope Dave and I can play at some point soon. Great title and a great way to enter the Ancients tactical gaming world.

Liberty roads I’ve been watching this for a long time. Still not sure I really need this? I just passed on a $40 buy price for it….hmm.

Then some off topic bits about sperm, sperm testing and women….ahem. Hilarious.

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