The Civil War

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Watch for more here!

One thought on “The Civil War

  1. I have this one too, played it quite a bit. And no, you don’t have to play with the far west map at all.

    Rules I remember – the navy was good for keeping the rebels from crossing rivers and attacking forts. There was a kind of reaction move – if you moved next to an army it could react and block your move – don’t remember if this forced a battle or not.

    You decided which theatre was your first, second and third priorities and got some command points to use there. Bad leaders cost more command points to move, but it cost politically to fire an army leader. You had to fight leaders to get them promoted so that they could lead bigger armies, but they could get killed or wounded in the process.

    There were some decent supply rules that kept you from doing too many crazy antics in unhistorical places like West Virginia.

    The Far West Option was pretty tepid for all the area – you played out the New Mexico campaign fast and the rest was raids by Apaches for each side. A massacre too many could cost you political points, though.

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