A Victory Lost Game Play T2/T3

Turn 2

28th moves deeper – towards Rostov.

Turn 3

4 Chits for Axis

Chit pulls for Turn 3

This turn the Axis move first then 3rd and 4th prior to the STAVKA unit.

The Axis line is stretched. I am coming to grips here with movement and combat. Not being able to retreat is a killer and must be avoided. The Axis lost a valuable (combat and vp wise) Tank unit last turn due to no retreat paths.

A new conumdrum – Its one thing to allow for multiple moves in a turn, but you have to allow for where you leave the leader who is not activated that cycle! Yikes. More thinking, less reactive movement.  With just 3 turns under my belt I can see why this is a challenging game.

Across the 2 turns the Soviets have tried 2-3 3-1 and 4-1 attacks, with mixed results and even some A1 losses. More on game strategy as I get a bit deeper into it. I’m guessing there is a window here for the Soviets to make hay – I may have just missed it!

Turn 4 sees a big chunk of forces and the opportunity for German counterattack. This will tell us weather the Soviets should have attacked harder or not – especially against the VP targets such as armor.  The four key VP cities are a long way away still.

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