A Victory Denied AAR Turn 1/p3

Following Timoshenko activation the seventh chit drawn is 2PzGrp. The next image shows the 2PzGrp activated units.

The next image shows unit positions after movement. The attacks are labeled and ordered in the following image. The order of attacks is significant here.

The results from these attacks are shown in the next image.

Note that BLUE Pz Corps is separated and GD will not be activated when the Guderian chit is pulled. 13A HQ is relocated toward Smolensk.

The eighth chit drawn is the second activation of 3PzGrp. The following image shows initial activation.

The following image shows unit positions after movement.

20Mot moves through Vilizh and picks up another VP chit. Attacks are marked in the image.

19 Army HQ relocates to 3225 to keep 23M and 1MRD in command.

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