A new twist.

Vento Nuovo Games has added the goretex map to Blocks in the West! This makes for a big combined game! That is sexy as all get out!

If you are a Vento Nuovo fan, you likely saw this video:


So..when I spoke to Emanuele on Skype I of course hit the guy up for a price break. 😉

So I am pretty excited about the ability to obtain this item and the game for $163 USD shipped! At retail this would well be over $200. I’m bald faced shilling here, to help teh little guys get what I think are cool products to market. Join the fun!!

You can have one as well if you order in 24 hours from now! (6pm Eastern on the 20th of August 2013)

Vento Nuovo is opening the price break to everyone who downloads the coupon, or screen captures it and emails it to: emanuele@ventonuovo.net , he will then send you a PayPal invoice.


The offer closes @ 21st August 2013 at midnight CEST (6pm Eastern Summer Time). Product ships around October 24th 2013!

Hey!! At least say something! ;)