A New Panzer! Scenario A-2

Fernando Sala, does it again with an accurate portrayal of action on the Eastern Front in his 2nd Scenario A Ticket to Leningrad

Use the 8th Panzers seasoned forces against remnants of 10th Mechanized Corps who launch a desperate counter attack with a cobbled together force.

The attack was effective historically and the Germans sought reinforcements! If the counter attack fails 8th Panzer will press on to Leningrad, if it succeeds the history is preserved and Leningrad goes onto a horrid 900 day siege.



Force mix:

2 German companies take on 2 companies of Rifle Infantry and 2 platoons of T-34s and a KV-1 (5 tanks)

Out manned and out gunned until the Stuka and or Pzr Company arrive will the Germans hold the bridge and building hexes on map at the end of 20 turns?


6-19-2014 11-37-04 AMClick thru here to grab the scenario PDF:

A Ticket to Leningrad .


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