A New General: 2nd Punic War Agathocles Tower AAR 1.24

I’m back with the next installment. This time recruiting a new up and coming general.
My Son.

Check out the before I played and after I won pics!  His first H&C game play.

It was another cool morning. Scipio pulled his cloak tighter and smiled. He was content to feel the cold breeze. Soon he would be hot. Hot from the rush of blood thru his veins and the straining of tearing the hearts out of more of Hannibals Punic army.
The Forces:


Fought in a hilly ravine, this ambush plays fast!
Low Rout Point count Carthage loses at 35.

He could tell that the war was turning his way, they horse commanded by Hanno had been holed up in quarters instead of harassing Scipios armies. A sure sign that Carthage and its allies grew weary. Today they would see if that was true.

Just a mile a way the dust rose as the Heavy horse and ever present Numidians rode the trail chasing a phantom. Scipio had laid a trap for his enemy.

Massinissa galloped from cover on the rise above Hannos force. They were in column, and they halted….that was there first mistake.

With a cry and the sound of trumpets Scipio & Laelius rode over the rise just a few hundred yard up above Hannos men.

Before the Numidians could wheel Scipios Roman Cavalry were in amongst the enemy cutting them down.
C: 14

Bostars men responded as best they could coming out column quickly and returned the favor

Hanno wheeled his heavy cavalry and charged across the rise into the Romans, managing to flank 2 squadrons. Their heavier armor and weapons broke two units.

Scipios men where a little over confident so much so that Scipio (read my sons first game forgot to seize momentum and press home the advantage) had to re order the charge.

The Numidians used their superior speed to avoid contact with the Romans rounding on them, but were eventually trapped by the larger numbers and forced to fight were they stood, Laelius took the battle to them and cut them down where they stood.
Carthage capitulates. Hanno is trapped and bound in chains. Scipio rides up to him. Looks at the angry cousin of the Barcas. “ You are not so proud now, on your knees are you?”

He wheeled around and rode off. Nothing was going to assuage the pain in his heart for his Fathers death at the hands of these cruel Carthaginians. Nothing that is except Hannibals head on a platter.

My smug General!

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