3 thoughts on “A Most Dangerous Time you win @Adam Starkweather!

  1. That is a pity. I really liked your idea about using this in conjunction with Samurai/RAN. Too bad it did not pan out.

    This game sits on my shelf unplayed, along with some other non-series titles like “Spartacus” and the like. I am interesting in playing them, but for some intangible reason just have not generated enough interest/energy to do so.

    I do not like the sound of that die rolling for movement aspect. Or rather my initial reaction to it is one tinged with concern. I have come across something like it in a Napoleonic operational game once before (whose name I cannot remember) and rather disliked the mechanic in that case.

    Hmmm…. I still want to try this at some point, just not in the immediate future.

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