A little more information about that WWI title(s)!

I did some digging around with Emanuele, I went to the HP site in Italy. I googled, and sniffed, and look what I found!

I cannot show all of what I have seen as Emanuele is under embargo.

HP says this: WWI_plan I am able to say that HP is providing dozens of WWI battles for FREE! That has to be good! Print n Play (PnP) style with tutorials. The HP marketing manager seems excited about it based on quotes I have seen. I guess they make money via ‘extra ink sold’! The scenarios are only going to be available on the HP site. Once there is a link it will be posted here.

WWI_tutorial I am able to say that if you download the 10 pages of full color rules WWI_snippet  I am not much of a PnP guy. I suck at making my own games. But maybe 3-4 battles per box would be worth something? Imagine classic VN blocks color coded by Alliance, beautiful latex stickers and area maps with lots of room!

Here is a snippet shared with me about the counter information. WWI_aunitThere is a shot of the map below from BGG. My understanding is that this is a series of tactical engagements pre trench warfare and the battles take place on sections of the map. So with the PnP I guess you can just print the map sections you need?

Hopefully great art will be included in both the PnP (FREE…wow. ok still wrapping my head around that one) and boxed editions if it comes out like that.

A little detail is available @ BGG Questions remain.

Will this be the standard dice fest of most ‘block games’?

Will there be a campaign?

What about strategic considerations, or even supply for the battle?

What influence will Leaders play?

How will advances in technology be treated?

For now I am interested and curious.

Curious enough to download and print to play when it comes out!!



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