A Few Good Tanks…Left : 1314

With Arty hammering so hard and the M1’s slaughtering the Soviets thin skinned vehicles, its time to counter attack!

The US will push down the river line then cross over and hunt down remnants and seek out the Soviet tanks. Their order cycle is down to 4-6 order s turn from 10. This means we can be well inside their ability to react.

Just in case the 2nd regiment makes a run at the VP location North the US will drop minelts per the arrows below. While Arty puts suppressing fire into the city of Olderup.

The choppers will scout out locations of enemy targets of opportunity. Meanwhile the Warthogs were shot down before they dropped a bomb.

by 1320 the Soviets have elected to resign. Acknowledging that they are out of command ability with several Battalion level/regimental HQ’s out of commission. The rate of fire on the M1’s is insane while return fire from Soviet AT guns and Tanks is laggardly by comparison.

Loss tables above tell the tale of Arty knocking out 45 vehicles. Whereas 1/B and 3C from the 2-67th did 58 units.

Soviet Losses:

While the VP’s dont matter, due to the resignation the VP difference was actually small as a lone company still had a slot next to a VP location. IT would have need to be hunted down. I wonder if its scenario design or just massive firepower differentials? This seemed way over gunned, given the US barely got any units into the fight. Despite sub par tactics, and an open road run the killing spree seemed over done. We will now swap sides!

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  1. Any thoughts about GMT’s wingleader game? We’ve been playing the game regularly through the winter. I find it an easy way to get in a competitive fix. Walt

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