A Few Good Tanks

Opening situation and moves

Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm Rising, the Germany Reforged expansion has a literal butt load of scenarios. Yes..that many!

I’m not sure how much fun or not this will be for head to head (H2H) play. But we will see. After a quick look at the scenarios it shows a very different setup for both sides depending on who you play as, which is different for the H2H version. Units and instructions change depending on which side you play when you do it solo.


Playing field:

So knowing there is at least a Regiment attacking lets trade some ground for time…. The shaded area limits setup. The blue stars show where the VP’s are and arrows likely avenues of attack. The dotted lines represent an alternate route that would we viable if the time clock allows for the Soviet player to make the dash ‘around my flank’. By doing this he could possibly draw forces away from where I am set up defending initially. The Soviets likely receive some arty and heavy tanks inside the first hour. They could wait until I am drawn down to this dotted arrow flank attack then try and punch thru for the win on the VP locations.

The US could hold a TF in reserve with 3 platoons of tanks. The US could place units in the Southern edge to attempt a flanking effort and to forestall any southward sweep. We get A-10 support and some Apaches, I am hoping they trundle into the killbox, but I doubt it.

Its worth noting that the Soviets might get Chem, based on weather report that talks about being uncomfortable in MOPPs…??…never seen that b4. My mobile arty is going to be reinforced. But not by much.

The Recon units should help me identify the main avenue of advance if they last a few minutes. This will help me know where to deploy the reserve and adjust the anti-flanking unit positions.

The other option here is to skip the flanking units and find setup locations for them to sneak to more forward. But I think that the Soviets wont fall for that. They will use smoke to cover an advance and most likely hit the woods to the North and attempt to reach the Stielback River and the town that way….? Maybe?

[REDACTED setup shot as DEVIN reads my blog!]

Line of Sight will matter here a lot! As the map area is plagued by valley’s In fact most good cover is in valley locations ;(.

Lets follow what happens as I play so stay tuned in!

3 thoughts on “A Few Good Tanks

  1. “A literal butt load of scenarios?” Hopefully, metaphorical ’cause literal would hurt… 🙂

  2. Yesterday I asked if any of your European solitaire players were interested in gaming one of the great battles of the American Civil War. I was curious to see if my rule interpretations were the same as other players. Also, being an American, I’m interested in the european perspective on american Civil War personalities. The Civil War system is a handfull, but it certainly portrays personality. Walt

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