A Few Good Tanks….indeed, 1208-1239

Ouch. Wait until you see this!   WHAT!!!

Nice freaking highway! Ths Regiment is up in the US forces grill very ..very..very quickly! The US must respond with deadly force and blunt the number of units that can make it to the ridge…..Otherwise they will be counter attack thru the open ground to re capture the ridge.

Ok, so no surprises the T-80s run the K73 to the North ridge, but peel off before the US can get a good bead on them. They are lurking in Olderup now. Only 4-6 kills. This is problematic as they maybe able to overrun the 2/D/S.

You can see the full extent of the forces here. Plus there is another AT unit and more infantry I think. The best thing that can happen is that we force the losses threshold to hit a recall/retreat level. The Soviet threshold is about 70-80%?

On the road the Soviets peel off and head to the woods. The ‘magical’ appearance of the enemy just a few hexes south of what you see here was a bit of a surprise. The US were shelling well to the rear! Quick adjustments pound the enemy with On Call arty. Then Specific strikes based on unit headings and VP locations pummel the Soviets. The thin skinned force is no match for the M1’s arrayed safely on the other side of the river, who fire from stand off range.

Soviet Counter Battery fire displaces the SP arty and disrupts one US HQ but causes no damage. Nor do the many ATGM’s leave a mark. The good news is US forces raced to mostly the right place and hunkered down. The kill box ended up being further East and South but the principle remained the same!

Arty strikes…..and kills can be see below:

For those that prefer a more analytical look. Here are the kill claims for the various US units. It is interesting to note that the rush up the highway in thin skinned units sans smoke or suppression is not well advised! HQ units were hit and if not killed out right likely weakened, this will slow the already sluggish order cycle down for the Soviets and allow the US to maintain its OODA loop superiority.

31 Minutes of mayhem

Lots of AT unit kills, and a whole mess of Mechs (read BMP/BRDMBTR units smashed by Arty and the fighting 2/67, sitting in the woods waiting for the bag guys to show up. The only down side is the US has not been effective slowing the T-80 Guard unit rush. They can now approach the woods to the north!

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  1. Kallisto, I was watching one of your reviews and I was impressed by your depth of knowledge and logic in the use of rules. Have you ever thought about arguing cases in front of the Philadelphia Parking Authority, Bureau of Administrative Adjudication? In Philadelphia, the location is know as 9th and futility. Good luck with the Ottoman Empire, Walt

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