A Few Good Tanks HR: 1128-1204

So the US guess was accurate; the initial Soviet forces strike out Southward on a sweeping flanking maneuver.

Part of the danger responding to this move  is weakening the defense of the VP locations and being caught on the move versus dug in and able to pound on the Soviets. Also the Soviets receive another Regiment of troops and more tanks –T-80s….yikes.

Regardless the US would like to at the very least be able to monitor their approach in case the Soviets change it.

The A84 highway presents another kill box opportunity IF they have units in position. The locations on the highway just South of the Ridge and south of the K73 Intersection is an ideal place to put fir on the enemy.

The US supporting Arty arrived, now need to wait for solid confirmed target and hope we have some mines! Do what do you think diversion or main thrust?

Sound off! Help the US defeat Communism.

Despite arriving 48 minutes ago the US cannot yet apply orders to the Arty! L . Meanwhile….look at those guys! Sunday drive indeed.

So the US will react and begin to move a few units somewhere!!!..:)..eah go ahead Devin. It wont help you. The forces of the Rodina must be halted.

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