A Close Run Race!

There was clearly a furious tug of war here!
When I last checked the votes this AM, Last Chance for Victory was in the lead by 5 or 6 votes!

So much so I had started refreshing on the rules, and posting on BGG to select a scenario!
HOPLITE fans appear to have rallied late in the game and ‘Trumped’ LCV to steal the ‘Momentum’!

Winning the polling by just 1% point!

Winner, Runner up and honourable mentions!

Winner, Runner up and honourable mentions!

Interesting that SCS also closed strongly, but the fickle fans of LNL waned and never had the staying power despite being a fairly hard core group of readers here!

Don’t forget to use or leave your BGG name to collect your Geek

Gold ( I think some of you worked out the more than one vote is possible per person? Yes? ;).

Thanks for chipping in, and thanks for being awesome gamer men,dudes and bros….oh and Ladies!

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