A brief Break from Gaming!

By 5 pm tonite, it was time for a break. No dice, no rules, or AARS, nor video edits or posting about games. Instead we will post about not gaming…ahem. ;)!!!

Off to The Grove wine bar for an Espresso with a dash of hot milk and then a refreshing crisp Albarino vino. Ahhh…. Now, that feels good!
2013-07-03 16.33.50

As I reflect on the 5 days of mostly gaming and partial working it has been rewarding, and exhausting. I achieved a lot of the gaming goals I set out to do here .

We cranked thru Siege of Jerusalem Interphase 1( about 7.5 hours of 3 person play), 3/4s of a month of DAK2 see more of that here, a full play of Panzer Gruppe Guderian the old SPI classic face to face as well as several turns on VASSAL with Kallisto73 (great You Tube channel and occasional poster here!).

Then Tuesday, 4 hours of play of WaW with a new friend (book ended by grueling meetings),  2 turns of Saints in Armor solo and I finished reading the rules and campaign setup for War of the Suns, One counter sheet is punched. Whoot.

On VASSAL play I did a turn of Saratoga, a turn of Bastogne (and wrote up some notes on decision loops in game play ) and a phase of Heights of Courage with Ralph Shelton’s new VASSAL module for HoC and one scenario of WaW with Jason from the Pod Cast – Advance after Combat.

Since it is after midnight we can say the day is officially over and I took off the entire day today from playing. The balance of the week we have some honey do’s to complete, and I need to reclaim my house from builders and painters, so that when the Cheese and Kisses returns (Mrs.) I am not cast out for the mess they have created.

Good news is next week from Wednesday on I have the house to my self again for 3-4 days. I think I am going to hunker down, stay home to play and focus on exercise breaks versus ‘going out to game’.  The work load should be light so we might be able to crank some fun stuff out!

Have a great 4th of July for the US based folks.



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