9th of July1943 Operation Husky [OCS]

From taralingas on BGG:

Even though Sicily is the smallest game in the series (two mapper with 2.5 miles per hex = half the OCS standard) it is suprisingly rule heavy. It is one of the few games that utilizes every paragraph of the OCS base rule book. I reckon most OCS players don’t know the rules for ships and amphibeous assaults off the bat. Of course, this only requires players to read two additional pages of text, but still.

The Sicily map, Vassal edition.

Two things make Sicily stand out in my book.

First: it is blissfully free of any “edge of the world” problems found in most wargames. The world ends sensibly where the water starts. No hefty discussions about unrealistic moves along map edges “where one ought to be able to go”

Secondly: it is one of the OCS games that works just as well with 2,3 or 4 players. The historical advance was a race along two main avenues. Monty vs Patton …versus the Germans, occasionally supported by the Italians*. So the troops are easyily divided among the players.

*I do not mean any disrespect to the Italian army. At this point in the war I can definitely see a lot of reasons for them to stop fighting.

Stacks can reach amazing heights out at sea

As far as gameplay goes OCS works like a charm for this theater of war, mainly because of the 2.5 miles/hex zoom. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of “milestone” markings a la DAK on the map. Because you will be driving a lot of trucks back and forth on very narrow and winding roads. Then again, you can always create your own mile markers with a pen (on the plexi glass you fools, you don’t meddle with the actual artwork, unless you’ve got a spare copy of the map).

The game opens up at a frantic pace. The allies need to get ashore quickly, pray that his paratroopers don’t fall down to far from their targets and seize as many key locations as possible, while staying on the lookout for Herr Görings panzers lurking near the western beach heads. Will the German player have the guts to try and drive the Americans back into the sea? And at what cost?

The Brits advance on Catania, a key city on the eastern side of the island.

After the initial fighting you enter a period of slow retreat, with a lot of fighting taking place in very difficult terrain. Someone just happened to place a big ass volcano on the island!

The German player will constantly have to worry about his Italian friends. How long will they stand by his side? Dare he leave them in charge of any important locations?

All in all this is a very nice title in the OCS library. I give it 9 out of 10 Essigs.

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