I went back to the old site, and looked at the years stats and merged them with our new home here. While monthly views are still occurring over at the old site (due to links in Facebook and BGG pointing them there; about a 1,000 a month),  the new site has settle into a comfortable rhythm of visitors.

We will end up really close to 100,000 views for the year! As of this afternoon we are at 98,392.  Close enough for government work, and 30+% more than last year to boot.

Thanks for both reading and  watching as well as sharing your images, stories, and thoughts about our little hobby.

Its a pleasure sharing with all of you. I hope the Christmas and Holiday Season is full of quality time with people you care about and peaceful times….and a little gaming.

Keep an eye on the Big Board for some fun topics, exciting gaming and some new ideas.




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