7 Days of 1809 [OSG]

I had a wonderful time with this title. Here is a video summary of the game!

Very refreshing and surprising. As I rather did not enjoy the related titles in the series Rossbach Revenge 1806.

The key difference?

A better understanding of the history and of the manner in which warfare is conducted in this period of time. 1799-1810 saw a significant maturing of the Art of War, and how Corps are used, how Divisions were combined together and how the General HQ started to play a more important role in the execution of war without the overall commander being able to control ‘everything’ nor have a birds eye view.

Corps were now spread out, often a days hard ride away or more away for m the General HQ. Thus autonomous leadership and the ability for a Corps to survive long enough to receive relief was becoming a more than a necessity but rather a fact of life. Supplies trains now had to manage each Corps needs, rather than a melange along one route of approach.

Civil and Political matters impacted Napoleons ability to wage war as well, but you can hear about that in the prior video here.

So with these fresh notions in hand I had a blast taking this game through its paces and more fully appreciating the designers intent and relaxing a little with the ‘gentle CRT’.

I hope you enjoy the visuals, turn by turn should suffice with out too much commentary. I am happy to post a write-up if desired!

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