7.4 DAK2 Feb ‘1941

1st February

Shipping in Feb is just 1 Med SP per turn! This is a tough month for the Axis, with a lot of forces already backed up and much more coming online. The trick is to be patient and plan for the next month. Its about all you can do. Shelby ships out, and the New Zealand forces finally release on the 5th of February.

5th Rain turn.

8th and 12th both sides limit action.  Allies re organize forces to take on Bardia once SP is accumulated.

15th February  and more rain on maps B and A. The Royal Navy bombard of Tobruk fails.  Sollum uses its last T of Supply.  Allies plan on using Sollum as a Dump once captured to take advantage of the higher speed road network.

19th February brings a sigh of relief to the Italians. The Greek Campaign Preparation period begins. Several things now happen.  The Allies are in a challenging state.

They have :

  • Low Supplies
  • Force draw downs for Greece
  • Their HQ leaves soon and nothing replaces it until April.
  • Limited new forces arriving for the Allies
  • Significant shipping increase in March for the Axis, and the arrival of Rommel!

2nd NZ lose a Bde, 2nd Armoured lose a Bde.  On the way out 2A helps with an attack on Sollum. It is imperative now that the Allies secure both Bardia and Sollum ASAP.

Rommel moves to Tripoli.

The Ariete Division conducts a sneak attack on 6AUS 19th Bde! 16^4 v 3^4 , a frigging DL2! With a 3 column shift. This is terrible.

Strattfor Gott moves to support in the Reaction Phase.

22nd February The LDRG raids again…really. Fortunately no Malta reductions on the meager shipping.  The Italians push a subtle counter offensive and attempt to encircle the 16th Bde from the 6AUS. , but leave a door open to retreat, thereby forcing back the Aussies, and making the Allies adjust their entire line. Jock Campbell attacks back, and loses a step and inflicts  a step loss. Not a good use of resources.

26th February

Italians kill off another step of Hurricanes. Then press towards the Indian Arm. Car Bn, launching out of the HH near Bardia to put pressure on the encroaching Allies. Air Dg’s the Armoured Car Bn., and the Italians pounce. 14^3 v 1^3, but its -2 Col. DL1o1 and Ao1…..97% chance of success., and the Italians take a lump too.

The Allies bring Arty to bear on Bardia, and desire to finish the story. The Mar() Div, is DG now.  The attack by  7thA forces a 2 step loss! The Mar DIV collapses. This sets up an Exploit directly into Bardia. Where 7th Overruns the Arty holding the town.

February closes with the Allies whilst struggling on many fronts, they make good ground. Supply levels in MM are now higher, and Bardia and Sollum  are in British hands.

The Loot from Buq Buq and Sidi Birrani should come online next month, and Aussie and New Zealand forces will end training as well. But what of Rommel?

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    • Yes, I played dak twice. First time finished early this one is a wrap up written aar of vids have likely seen. I’m record in play both oral and written.

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