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So the MMP newsletter came out! Read on:

See my thoughts at the end.

Last Stand – The Battle for Moscow: The numbers on this one are so close you can almost taste it! Masahiro Yamazaki is known for his great designs. Just see the recently sold out Red Star Rising, or The Gamers’ classic Stalingrad Pocket to name just two. Combining the titanic struggle for Moscow along with unique Victory Conditions, an interesting Sequence of Play, and Mas’ bag of tricks makes a great game. See more on our website, and make sure to stop by our support folder on Consimworld and actually see some of the game play in an interesting AAR.

Last Blitzkrieg: First game in the Battalion Combat Series (BCS) covering the Ardennes Offensive. Components include 4 maps, 1,680 counters and the usual high-quality game aids. Eagerly anticipated as a major leap forward in battalion level simulation, this painstakingly tested game provides insights not seen before in the long line of ‘Bulge’ simulations.
What else?
How about two new OCS instant classics on preorder?Tunisia II is similar to the 1995 original but features a revised OOB, modified rules and new maps. Operational Matters is an OCS guide featuring strategy articles and analysis as well as a full new game, Sicily II.
Or how about the newest SCS title to go up for preorder? Panzer Battles: 11th Panzer on the Chir River. We’ve all read von Mellenthin’s classic book on these battles. Now’s your chance to fight them out yourselves using the newest design features for the SCS.


You still want more?

Front Toward Enemy: Tactical firefights during the Vietnam War, with rules for everything from helicopter gunships to tunnels to medics. The heart of the game is the activation phase, which is determined by random chit pull. Once a chit a drawn a player can activate units in a hex, or a leader and his nearby units, and all perform an action. These actions include Move, Fire, Assault, Search, Recover, Destroy Cache, Request Medevac, and Request Fire Mission.
One of the unique features of the game is that when a unit takes a KIA or WIA result, the unit needs to be transported off the board (or the player may lose Victory Points). The most common method for the American player to do this is by making a Medevac request, which will bring in a helicopter to help remove the KIA/WIA from the game. Preorder available on our website!
Operation Mercury: Grand Tactical action more to your taste? We got it … the battle for Crete in our Grand Tactical Series. Operation Mercury covers everything from the major airdrops to the last major fight during withdrawal. Features five (5!) full-size maps, two half maps and two quarter maps to cover all the action with eight countersheets. Operation Mercury will also feature the newest GTS 2.0 version of the rules. On preorder NOW!
And lets not forget ASL!
Yanks Second Edition: Layout is finally completed and this long awaited module is ready to roll out the Americans. This new edition of Yanks will include the essential elements of Paratrooper and 24 additional scenarios (total of 40 scenarios!), six countersheets, eight mapboards and of course the Chapter H notes for the American OB. Get it while its still on preorder!
Forgotten War: ASL finally officially steps out of its World War 2 roots with Forgotten War, an ASL module about the Korean War. All new OBs for communits and UN forces on seven countersheets, four new maps and pages of special rules and Chapter H notes and more. Another one not to miss while on preorder!
And those recently printed titles and reprints?
I almost forgot about them!
How about Warriors of God reprint along side the recent release of Warriors of Japan? Same mechanics, but two very different periods of history.
ASL Journal 11 with 25 new scenarios and 60 pages of articles.
Reprints of BOTH ASL Starter Kit #2 and ASL Starter Kit #3. Same great self-contained games designed specifically to give you an affordable and easily understood introduction to the world of ASL.
And it gets better!
Also back in print! BEYOND VALOR … the core of core modules in its 3rd edition with newly laid out counters and the same great content. If you’ve been waiting to take the dive into ASL, this is the place to start and now’s your chance!
And that’s just the beginning of what is looking to be a great year of titles from MMP.
My 2 cents:
Without a doubt Front Towards the Enemy is the fast burner here! I hope to be in a playtest session in the next few weeks! A full report to come. Maps and counters look good and my reliable source says rules reading is not a chore.
Of course The Last Blitzkrieg is ‘like totally freaking awesome’. Many are sad about YET ANOTHER Bulge game… me too kinda. but I want to play this new system and really see what it is made of.
 I think that the potential here for a Battalion scale combat system that gives the RIGHT nod to logistics, command and other elements is yet to be made. Could this be THE ONE?
Last Stand Moscow…of course another Moscow or bust title…. But something about this one calls my name!!! 🙂
I have a broken affair with SCS, and as such wont be diving into the panzer vroom vroom attack 5 times in a turn wrote game play this time around. I am however heartened that this particular SCS title is NOT a monster. The accessibility of the system is thwarted by monster scale titles.  Glad to see a single mapper make it thru development.
Lots of ASL stuff! I’m looking to buy the 2 expansions (hint NWS online has them for cheap!).
Some things we have not heard much about and I wonder why?
  • TCS. Where are we at with play testing and development for Ariete?
  • NBS: Is it dead for ever? There was talk once upon a time of a Waterloo battle.
  • GCACW…please. Atlanta? When can we envision a new title, a reprint?
  • LOB will we see more of this or is too persona non grata?

2 thoughts on “MMP Newsletter

  1. I’m a fan of the GTS, so Operation Mercury is interesting. Definitely interested in BCS, but I just don’t need another Bulge game. I’m also in for Yanks, although I have to admit that ASL just doesn’t hit the game table all that much; still, must have the US OB!

  2. I’m mostly interested in Front Toward Enemy. The idea that you have to call in a medevac to get the wounded off the battlefield is excellent, especially to count for victory points. I keep meaning to order Warriors of Japan. It looks like a lot of fun!

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