Legions of Steel

Ominous beginnings.
For those that don’t know this is Legions of Steel!

Enter a masked world of darkness and death. Think of this as the original Space Hulk but with many many enhanced tactical features, smarter enemies and equally ominous sound track!  I’m an oldie; I still recall the fearful play SH brought to the screen and being terrified of losing my men.

Available on Steam for PC and the iPad from Matrix  (Slitherine site) games don’t be afraid!


Does this remind you of anything?

The Game Legions of Steel is a fast paced miniatures combat game set in the not so distant future.

Save humanity from a siege of mechanical horrors. Play an elite group of Commandos in high tech powered armour on their missions to destroy the base complexes of the Overlord computer. Meanwhile, your opponent maneuvers his horde of robotic minions commanded by ten feet of raw terror: the dreaded Mark I Assault Fiend.

The Rules

Mechanics are simple. Only six sided dice are required to quickly resolve firefights, but you need more than luck to survive.

With Blasters, Deadbolt Launchers, Kinetic Pulse grenades, and the Napalm-X Flame Weapon on the field of battle, tactical considerations are many. Before you out-fight your opponent, you must first out-think him.

BGG: Art DeFilippo (Cybrmage13)

So should we play?

Ok.. Tutorial…nah. A Game stands on its UI. Let’s see if we can work it out and you can watch with me as a die many times!


In the campaign you choose a map for the first mission. Cool idea. No pre set map selection to play thru early stages, means some nice replay value.



Your enemies, your mission ingress egress points.



Pick a side! Like I’m going to be that ugly mofo on the right. GO HUMANS…oh.. wait..is that racist? Is my human privilege showing through. Yeah it is to hell with it. I’m human and proud of it.

Check back and at the YouTube channel (see YT link in menu bat) for more soon.

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