Reluctant Enemies Turn 1

2014-09-03 10.11.00

First Order of business for this new player was to experience the thrill of combat via Overrun!!!!

This worked out pretty good. The first of 3 or 4 9+ rolls for surprise and 2 column shifts. I need to check that dudes dice.

2014-09-03 11.47.22

We had a miss step due to over eagerness. A little rewind to stay in Trace was in order in the mid right image above. Bottom left sees the final location of fueled forces who overran at 3:1 and nailed it.

2014-09-03 11.47.28

In the combat phase a few more attacks. Overall the CW cleared out 4 units of Vichy.2014-09-03 10.41.21


The Vichy prepare to have their turn. This leaves just one element undone! Commandos. The CW land all 3 in one hex safely after a 1 hex drift… to check that die.

2014-09-03 11.47.12This will likely precipitate a wholesale retreat up the coast.

If I have a chance I shall review the progress of this game V my VASSAL session!


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