Breaking News from the Eastern Front

1sdec_German move--wot

click thru for blow up!

EDIT UPDATE – with major concerns over Supply for the Axis next turn I was looking real hard the map….then it went click! Sausages and Tree Bark if I need it for the Wermacht! – Onwards.

With a huge airwar raging over Moscow skies, the Germans went all out. knowing massive reinforcements were arriving they took advantage of initiative for the back to back turn.

The German high command is still unsure how Guderian will feed and fuel his men in the coming week. But they are impressed with the audacity of the encirclement.

While I have a few videos coming talking about the potential to do this, it is amazing to see it unfold. It took nearly 1 1/2 to sort out how the Germans could get to  river crossing, attack and pop units across and still have enough force available to hold the locations.

The HQ and SP will need to press East of current locations and the huge gap in the lines in the center may well be problematic in the coming week.

A Soviet counter attack is likely and there are a lot of medium to solid quality units that could lay the hurt of the Germans just North of Tula.

Near Kalinin, it is pretty grim, nearly all the Soviet forces are weak. So they will rely on reinforcements this turn to counter attack next turn. Of course a back to back turn for the Soviets will be a disaster for the Germans.

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