The Best Intro Games for New Wargamers?

This post from Shut Up and Sit Down spend sometime talking about the best intro games to tease your Euro playing friends to the dark side of real gaming. Most are block games.

Which is ok.

I think many of them a bit long in the tooth. What are your favorite introductory wargames? – I’ll kick off with: SEKI_2014-04-22 20.18.53 Yes Sekigahara! 8-10 pages of rules. No Errata, rich theme, evocative story.

My recent forays with Hannibal Rome v Carthage give it an old school nod. Combat Commander in Europe is a great game for someone who is interested in the Tactical level.



AS a fanboy I would be remiss to not mention the World at War, Nations at War series from Mark Walker. EASY, fun, tense and narrative rich games.

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What are your ideas?


5 thoughts on “The Best Intro Games for New Wargamers?

  1. Great intro wargame and block game thanks to the easy stacking. Best played first as Tokugawa. Make a move for the center and the west as soon as possible.

  2. From simplest to more complex:
    1. Napoleon 4th ed
    2. Nations at War
    3. Conflict of Heroes
    4. CC: Europe

    These are all great games and have those in mu collection. I am sure there are others that are good for beginners, like Fading Glory, Hold Fast: Russia 1941-1942. May be upcoming Victory in Europe as well.

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