Cannae redux 1.2 216 B.C. Legions of the Dead

Folks here we go. This is the 5th battle in the 2nd Punic War covered by the GBoH campaign from the C3i Magazine:

I used the no envelopment ‘presetup’ for this battle. It actually slows the Carthage side down quiet a bit, BUT is valuable to Carthage in terms of operational flexibility as we will see.

I have attached a vid which is a step back from other productions but I want to get this to you folks along with Dertosa prior to my surgery next week.

Carthage’s game plan changed very little, except they had to deal with numerous Cav Pursuits which cost them 5 precious cav units 2 of which returned.

Here is the video: (its a loud song…youtube picked it for me …seemed apt!)

In summary Carthage won because :
Using SGBoH rules Rome had 14 turns Carthage 20. Yes they seized 7 times to Romes 3!

The first 5 turns are consumed with alternating Lancer and Light Cav attacks. Its very effective. By the end of turn 6 Rome had incurred 61 Rout points, and inflicted only 12.

Rome from the outset decided to not pussy foot around. They surged thru the Velites into contact with the Carthage center as soon as possible.
This included activating Paullus‘s Legions and bringing them forward to support the attack center and spread cover on the flanks.


Romes first major attacks inflict 3-1 damage and destroy two units.

Marhabal and Hasdrubal respond by killing 2 more units between them.

Seeing the rapid penetration of the flanks by Carthage Rome dispatches the Velites to slow down the enemy in the rear. This is partially successful.

Paullus has another opportunity to attack he kills 3 units and moves the rout points up to C52 vs R130.

He seizes and shocks with what he can in a very complicated center with nearly half his troops massed there.


163 v 70 for Carthage by the end of these few turns.

Carthage have 2 Cav return, the Lancers kill a 3 units in the Rome Right rear and inflict 7 CH’s. Hannibal seizes finally finding a slot to allow the Phalanxes into the game.

If he waits too long the romans will reorganize and wrap up whats left of either flanks Medium and Light Iberian units. These troops are being savaged. Hannibal also instructs the troops to stay at range of the Romans and he sacrifices less cohesive units to avoid more damage as he retreats one hex an activation on his left flank. This draws the desperate Romans in to engage.

Varro ignores the devastation and continues to push ahead in an attempt to build the rout point tally.

Proconsul Attilus ( I really dont like the setup hexes for this battle, they seem incorrect to me. Attilus and Paullus should be swapped.) attempts to engage, but none of his units are in command…ugh? All he can do is block those Lancers and watch his back for the Numidians.

The Phalanxes earn their stripes killing 2 out of the 3 stacks they attack. Paullus drives to contact and kills units on the Cartage Right.
R 216 Carthage 92.

Rome is fading in the sweepstakes for points. The Lancers make 7 attacks and roll no lower than a 5 after modifiers with very low DRMS, 12 more RP’s die, Varro is displaced from the field.

Hannibal caps of the turn and the game by seizing and kills a whopping 33 Rout Points:
Rome 271 Carthage 92.

Legions of Dead piled up.

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