5th Dec Soviet Strike Supply Lines of Advancing Axis!

Snippet. During the 5th of December turn the Soviets found enough powerful units stacked to formulate an over run on the  exposed 24 XXX HQ and a Infantry regiment,  4 Brigades of armor attacked 2nd Guard, 4th, 9th and 119th Tank Brigades followed close behind. 2014-06-23 18.42.27   The attack smashed through the thin defenses of the frozen Germans. Pressing the advantage, forces funnelled through the breach and have potentially cut trace supply to the enemy that is strung out along the South Eastern approaches to Moscow! 2014-06-23 18.48.50     The carnage below: 2014-06-23 18.50.59   Not all was roses during these few days. The OOS Germans weathered an over powering attack  between the Moscow Sea and Klin.  Substantial losses occurred across the various front due to isolation. Film at a 11 [thats a joke]

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