50% of the Year is GONE!!!!

As we rocket thru the year I thought it might be fun to discuss what we all are playing and what our plan for the rest of the year is!

I had a busy start early in the year which was a result of hitting the Feb Con – Game On! in Seattle.

Since then the focus has been primarily on playing Case Blue and GBII linked. With a play of The Last Success, Panzer and Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage which I have written about on the blog thrown in for good measure.


WaW Death of 1st Panzer

April was much busier with Nato Division Commander, some Hoplite, LNL Vietnam, WaW, and even a Memoir ’44 session with the kids along with starting VASSAL sessions of Heights of Courage, The Mighty Endeavour and continuing the Tide of Iron session with Steve Arthur live on VASSAL.

2014-05-20 11.56.55


Last month saw more Panzer online, more Hoplite with huge battle of Plataea exercised. I managed to squeeze in a WaW session and started a VASSAL play of GBII with Chris Trout. Of course this month the three titles Hof Gap, Fifth Corps and BAOR have absorbed a lot of time sorting, rules, errata and combination special situations across the 3 systems and 2-3 different articles from Moves, S&T etc. 2014-06-12 11.44.23 So with the balance of the year ahead I have a need per the video above to continue working thru my 3-4 primary themes. I think that Case Blue  as part of the Chronological Walkthru of WWII will continue until the end of December in game time, I can’t see me doing much more solo. Its too easy to make mistakes that either too hard to roll back or too significant to allow them to stand.

The  walk thru of WWII is able to be continued around CB/GBII , however I think the next major battles and events are going to be all East Front! I may well look for a early 1942 smaller battle in Afrika to take an East Front break. Maybe?:

Gazala, 1942 Image courtesy of Erik Nicely

I’m excited about taking in more LNL game play, the #15 Line of Fire has 5 or 6 Soviet v Mujahideen. 061714_2146_LNLPOpportu3.jpg I’m eager for some Face to Face or VASSAL play of Combat Commander. Plus Judd Vance has a standing invite to me to play Campaign Commander!! 3-25-2014 7-44-21 PM Once I wrap up some loose ends on VASSAL I’d like to get back to Red Winter and also play a learning scenario of Supreme Commander with my mate Steve.

The other projects in my priority stack are going to continue but on a much more adhoc basis. Who knows what trevails may beset me later in the year?!

I had originally planned to play these:

Geeklist 2014!

So adjustments have been made!

So, thats me. Hardly as prolific as all these dudes playing 10 titles on VASSAL all at once, but enough to keep me busy!

What about you?

What are you planning?

What are you plans for the balance of the year?

Grab some dice – and GET ROLLING!!! 😉

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