3W Army Group Center, summary shots.


Map review and rules review. Luckily I recently secured a free copy of the Japanese version of this game with the revised counters and updated map. Its pretty sweet. The next time I play this one shall be down with that version [its a straight forward reprint]

Historical timeline marked out.


Unit setup:


10th Army location:


PanzerGruppe 3.

Panzer Group 2

More historical action timelines and locations:



German units fare better in the South than the Northern arm.


7th Pzr and 14th Mot. press on down the road

Southern progress below is staggering quick!

The amazing thing here is just how far and how fast the Germans moved. Despite relatively good execution, the German player could not keep up with the historical early time line. It did however destroy many Soviet units, and clear a path to Minsk that may result in an early victory.

We wrapped up next turn but forgot pictures! Doah.

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  1. Been looking to get my hands on a copy of this since seeing your first post about it. Do you know if the English rules are online anywhere? I’d rather track down the newer Japanese version and play with the English rules if possible.

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