30,000 views and counting. Thanks Gamers and History fans

A special thanks from the BigBoard your the support, views, comments and suggestions here and on You Tube mean a lot.   The BigBoard blog has been in existence for just a few short months and we have hit 8k views already as well.

Thanks a bunch.

We cracked 30k views this week as of this post over on our YouTube Channel. It means nothing to any one except that the BigBoard uses your views as a benchmark of the quality of the content delivered.

Recording plays, exploring narrative and learning new presentation modes adds another layer that is wonderfully rewarding.

Your views. Your “likes” here. Your “likes” on Facebook, and youtube matter. Your comments matter.

As the blog is  refined and tuned hopefully the  ‘art’ or whatever it is you call this content that sits here improves. That wont happen without you dear readers.

So thanks again.


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