3 games of Heroes of the Pacific in 3.5 hours..

played last week, Thanksgiving 2015

Game 1

Welcome to the Jungle

In this scenario the Japanese are tasked with crossing the clearing at night from the ‘light jungle’ (ocean hexes) and exiting thru the 2nd map to Henderson Field.

2015-11-24 17.21.43

3 Type 95 tankettes, and some heavy weapons (tripod MG’s), several squads with satchel charges face off against a spread out D, equipped with bazookas, BAR’s and an assortment of shitty WT units in foxholes. Bless their hearts.

2015-11-24 18.13.40

The Japs elect to cluster on the right and punch forward. Given this is a night scenario we can advance in the open until…starshell hits or we are within 2 hexes of enemy units..

2015-11-24 17.18.13

Once we get adjacent AND dont die we can lay fire down. I have two tripod mounted MG’s that rake the enemy positions.

2015-11-24 17.28.24

The US pops starshell and green army units pepper the advancing Japanese elites.

The Nipponese call in Arty, lose a tank and die in droves. But this is a battle for the exit! Losses are ok!2015-11-24 18.03.27

2015-11-24 17.47.44

Starshell pops again and again. The Japanese losses mount. They must exit 8 units (Type 95’s count for 2).

2015-11-24 17.28.24

Once some units are suppressed the Japanese squads rush into finish the enemy off and drive past them to the exit row.

2015-11-24 18.28.30

I pull a cheap trick and run the map edge.

2015-11-24 20.08.15

This forces him to abandon foxholes to cover. As his force react I press double time to the Edge with my best leader, a tankette and 4 squads. I lose on the way but am now poised to exit 6 points.

2015-11-24 18.48.21

At this  point I swing a unit back to the left (Tankette) and now drive hard on the clear left flank. I will have to face off on possible reinforcements from the LOS Event locations, but the Tankette cant be harmed unless close assaulted. This virtually guarantees me a win. The edging tactic works but cost several squads of casualties to put into effect.

The neat thing about the Japanese is they dont shake! Nor do they have much in the way of firepower tho. This is ok, as each Japanese unit will take 3 hits before it dies versus two.

Lots to like here. I think the XMap scaling might need a careful review and agreement prior to play as some hexes might be a cause for question on playability based on the rules.

Game 2 & 3 soon, where we play and replay a scenario wondering what the right US strategy is for the Battle of Buariki!

2015-11-24 18.59.16

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