2nd Punic War The Battle of Metaurus, 206 B.C. AAR 1.22 Neros Glory


Fought in tough terrain, Metaurus will test both side tactical capabilities.

Hasdrubal was on the run from Spain. He now is attempting to reunite with Hannibal.

Nero wise to the movements of Carthages generals, races his army north to support Livius.

Holed up at the River Metaurus, Hasdrubal has unreliable troops on this left wing. The Gauls have drunk their fear away but are not sure they really want to fight with a hang over.

Ahistorically Nero floats across the front of Livius’s army whilst Livius’s Velites screen the Heavy Infantry on the hill.

Hasdrubal takes the opportunity to use his heavy infantry to decimate the Velites, before they chip away at them with Javelin attacks.

On Romes left Carthage sends its EL and Light Cav to harass, doing an effective job of eliminating the Roman Cav. They drive deeper seeking to attack the rear of the Triarii.

Feeling comfortable Hasdrubals men sitting on the higher elevations, decide to follow thru on their success and attack the flanks of the advancing Cohorts. With devastating impact they charge down hill, the Romans are pressed to together, many die and some attempt flee the mayhem.



Livius smartly regroups his men and marches the more more organized and powerful Principies up hill right into the now slightly disjointed Heavies.

One crushing contact after another does a surprising amount of damage. Seeking momentum Livius attacks again.

Neros troops now power into the medium infantry in the center, eviscerating them.

R: 59

C: 52

The turn ends. Hasdrubals heavy line is depleted, his center is weakening. The Right stands stationary.

Nero’s troops are tired but holding together well. They push forward deep into the center.

At this point the Gauls finally decide to engage but with -2 on their TQ. The Roman RW cav move up and immediately engage the nervous hung over Gaul.

The RC tear thru 3 units across the river. Livius’s troops advance upon the remnants of Hasdrubals line.

Hasdrubal gallantly attempt to reform his line in conjunction with Mago.



Hasdrubal reviews his options.

He capitulates.

This scenario is way heavily weighted against Carthage. Almost too heavily. The ROmans need to be at around 190-220 to make this a remote chance of a fight. Not a fun scenario.

2 thoughts on “2nd Punic War The Battle of Metaurus, 206 B.C. AAR 1.22 Neros Glory

  1. Hasdrubal didn’t capitulate, he rode into a group of Romans and died by their swords. Hannibal found out about the defeat when Hasdrubal’s head was flung into his camp. Tough fight… thanks for posting.


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