2nd Punic War The Battle of Baecula, 208 B.C. AAR 1.21 or Scipios Revenge?

This is a short AAR! For those of you who have played this battle you know the story.
Scipio, is promoted at 27 years of age to Proconsul, sent to Spain to ostensibly help win the 2nd Punic War. In reality he has a personal mission.
His Father and Uncle lie rotting in Spain. Scipio wants revenge….

Carthage’s allies show signs of leaving the fold, 3 Punic armies vie for political gain. Scipio seizes the moment and finds Hasdrubal in a secure hilltop camp.

Abandoning traditional tactics historically Scipio flanked and attacked the camp. Hasdrubal thought the better part of valour was to live to fight another day. His crack troops and Cavalry leave the field non plussed at Scipios tactics.

A win for both?

So begins the 21st scenario of the 2nd Punic War. If Rome wins its 5RPs to the kitty for campaign battles, if Carthage wins they earn 15….

Hasdrubal may secretly designate his choice: Fight or Flee. 135 RPs or 100RPs. But he cannot move his men to exit hexes until T4 OR the Romans cross a certain hex row or terrain height.
Opening sees Hasdrubal sit tight, but bring all his forces to the Roman right to screen. Scipio send Cav wide left to scout the left gate of the camp.

After opening maneuvers Scipio moves all his crack Legions to the right exit flank betting on a craven exit, whilst staying off the higher ground and out of contact until he is as close as possible. Locking Hasdrubal in place.

It gets crowded quickly, as Legions press forward and Velites fight heavier troops and Cavalry in order to avoid the exit triggers. 4 Legions worth of Velites and Marines have some impact.

Despite the Punic armies best efforts the Romans close. As the turn trigger for exit eligibility arrives, Rome is ready to ram up the hill to block those Rout Point luscious Phalanxes from exiting.

A vicious, bloody race ensues. How vicious? Watch the video to see!
Its 6 minutes of carnage.

Men die at the gates, archers loose arrows at the approaching troops from the towers in the camp, Iberian Lancers charge defiantly into the ranks of the Velites, grim under armoured Mauritanian medium infantry struggle against masses of Javelins, and waves of troops. Masinissa Hasdrubals best Cavalry general dies fighting as he exhorts his Lancers to hold just a little longer (30 RPS!!….eek.)

Bostars North African light infantry dance away from the frustrated Legions, and the Numidians hit and run the Marines who are screening the X and VII Legion.

Adroit usage of Trumping, Momentum and daring tactics compel the two armies together in the far corner of the battlefield.
C:69 R:35

Crack Heavy Infantry, and laborious Phalanxes scramble to leave the field. Along with Numidian Cavalry, and other fleet of foot troops.
78 RPs exit the field!

Hasdrubal must have more RPs exit than routed or left in camp to win.

Rome now has just 31 RPS to earn in order to secure victory.

Its tense. Everything comes down to the use of Trump, and Momentum.

Scipio moves and shock attacks, killing several light units with Principies before Hasdrubals move, Scipio declines to attempt momentum and foils Hasdrubals attempt at same…..


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