2nd Punic War Iiipa 206 B.C. Scipio finds his groove. AAR 1.23

Lets pick up the action from after Turn 1.

Turn one as many of you saw in the viewers choice strategy video worked out ok. The surprise being how rapidly the Romans advanced on the Carthage Right. EEEEK. Lets carry on from there?


After turn 1 the RP were even, but Rome had advanced quickly on the right. Faster than Carthage could get its troops into the Roman center. Carthage elected to drop its TQ 4 rated weak units back from the reach of the Roman cohorts.

Well….. Here is the situation at the end of turn 3.

On the far right of the Carthage line the collapsed, Roman Legions ate the Libyan and Iberian Heavy Infantry. The staggering thing is Roman conducted about a dozen attacks. There was 1 One and a Two and a Three. EVERY other die was a 7.8 or 9…OMG. Carthages corresponding counter attack comprised nothing above a 6.

The Numidian cav on the right are effectively shut down after some effective attack on the flanks of the widest Roman cohorts. Both Roman Cav and Velites attack the Numidians and trap the LC in a hail of Javelins.

The remnants of the Libyans.

Center left.

Carthage counters this by attacking heavily in the center and Center right, using its tougher heavy medium troops to soften up the Legion led by Scipio.

On the far Left of Hasdrubals line his Lancers and Elephant are engaged by Roman Cav and Light Cav. The entire 2 map line is now closed off from access to flanking attacks, either due to closing the avenues or breaking the effectiveness of the eligible units.

For Carthage army its army is effectively broken. There is nothing between the Right of the Phalanxes and the Romans baring 3 surrounded Libyan HIs.

I’m stuggling to see what to do next here. I have played thru several different moves. Then reset back to the end of turn 3. Its grim for Carthage within one turn they will lose another 40+RPs. Their center powerful PH cannot getin to the fight fast enough to make a difference and there are not enough troops left on their right to guard the rear. Eveno tho the Triarii are a little battered they have nots of fight left in them.
I’m giving this one to Rome, a combination of superior tactics and great rolls plus large RP delta for the win put Carthage squarely ont eh back foot.

Carthage relinquishes the field.

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