“2mm or Not 2mm? That is the Question!”

The Oregon Laminations Company 2mm and 3mm Cast Steel Reverse Angle Nip has taken Grognard counter clippers by storm.

Gaming Kind is aghast at the beauty of the symmetry of the clip.

A new Era of Clipping arrives just as the Laser Cut counter makes its entrance.  Who will prevail?

That is a post for another time.

For now, lets see what this baby does. Last night I clipped 8 counters. See the results. Now admittedly I had had a cocktail but just one…oh and a Road Dirt Thirst slaking beer at Whole Foods (Belgian if you must know).

Here are the results.

The first efforts….ewww:

Larger counters worked nicely.

Note below the 2nd counter is where I stopped this morning. The top one is unclipped.

Now the 3rd couner has 2 nice edges. The 4th has 3. All of these were done “face”down. they were done with holding the nipper “upside down so I could see the spot.

I am not a super patient man….some of you may know that. But I did take the time last night to attempt correct placement. At this early stage I could not see myself watching a movie and doing this!

 Video coming.

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