264 B.C Part 2 of the first turn, a learning game

Part two of the 264 BC turn.

As I sat down and looked at the rules I realized that Interceptions are conducted upon the EXIT of a hex not entry.

So our combat we conducted last turn  was indeed correct.

The Cartho player was sadly disillusioned with my refined rule parsing to ensure my ultimate victory! We did not have to unwind the turn which was more important!

So Carthage is displaced from Massana and all the Roman leader needs to do is move into the city on his last activation (the last of the turn ) and deposit some lads in for good measure to assume Legionary control so to speak.

I wanted to continue on with the 3 legions and pounce up the road towards Lilybaeum but of course failed my continuation roll. But I skip ahead! First the Dumvir of Carthage activate and conduct a nicely done Raid, they also go thru the exercise of investing the Massana port [ more to show how to do it that for any effect as all the chits were pulled bar two] to enhance siege attrition.

So at turn end we have Syracuse flip flopping to the Roman side (this is so cool as I have not seen that happen in the 3 or 4 campaigns I have played opposed nor have I ever seen it in solo play). Which means I was prolly playing wrong….then.. or now!!

The Barcid clan takes power and is clearly underwhelmed with the Magonid efforts to date [Never seen this happen either I dont think]. The Carthage forces raise an extra army! Another hard to achieve element.

They are not sure where to raise the army of Numidians, Libyans etc 35 SP in total) but to where?

It might be advisable to consider carefully. There are some options: Carthage, Drepanum, Panormus, Caralis, Aleria and Massalia. Is an Army a unit or a group of units with a Leader? Hmm… If not then only Carthage is a viable choice. A rule check required.

The Romans squeak by and raise a new Consular Army.

A full re check of the Consul allocations needs to be done, as the rules are a bit faint in my mind! A Rome Consul is appointed after a decision to not Prorogue anyone. Marcus Amelius is elected by the Senate. He raises the II Consular Army.

Atilius (B rated!!) replaces Fulvius Flaccus! Who will need to seek permission to leave his region (What is his Imperium?)

Otacilius (D rated….sigh) replaces Claudius Caudex as Field Consul in Sicily.

The Ports are improved by both sides.

With Hiero now on the Roman side what will 263 BC portend for Rome?

Syracuse is not controlled by either side. The rules interestingly say that only when one side takes control of Syracuse does Syracusa become permanently allied to the other side. Thus the Punic forces can still attempt to take Massana and woo back Hiero to the fold [p34 CR rules]!

Will the strike quickly to capture all of Sicily? Is that too bold?

Will they seek to disrupt the Carthaginian efforts in other ways?

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