[ 26-3-1944]Burma Combat Snapshot OCS


I’m doing a quick first ‘real’ combat with big boy pants on. Looking at the options. I just attacked a lil old 2-3 that was DG’ed by air, the Japs elected not use supply as the unit was likely dead anyway and would be on the max column table no matter what based on odds with a .5 or a 1.

So the  attacking units were: 3 inf units and 1 tank unit. The other two tankers we need to see if we want to use them once I understand the exploit phase…Now as I read the exploit phase is not the same as SCS .. D’uh. So really we need to back out the 2 armor units to the hex behind and pop a Reserve Marker on them, THEN use them in exploit phase. OR use them in the attack too and pay the extra supply for the attack.

From what I see here I think the 3 hex exploit result is going to place that Japanese HQ and Arty and Supply in a world of hurt.The 4 units advance one hex per diagram then we plop an exploit marker on them.

So a correctly executed attack would look something like this:


Well…so that would suck. As I run slap bang into the 1-56 on the road and attack (assuming I chose to at 12v2 with Armor assault reduced by a 75%).  So in terms of advance, it appears using ALL the units in the hex to attack would work.

But wait!

In fact given the terrain, those tanks may as well stay home – they cannot advance into that terrain (see the hex that says bum).  So the Japanese player placed units pretty good!

So this brings us full circle back to our original attack, less the Armor as they add no value.

We end up here:

Note also that the Action Rating of the attacker has to be the same or higher than the Exploit # in the result. The 66th makes the cut barely.

In all likelihood the Allied player would place some armor in Reserve or have an infantry unit back to prevent a supply concern in the Japanese turn.

No HQ replacements that I see in this system, this could be ugly.  More as I learn it. I’ll post some notes on the exploit phase in a little while.

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  1. The exploit # is not the number of hexes you can advance. Exploit marked units can move half of their MA. You did say later that it was the AR lower limit to join. So Ae3 is better than Ae5, as more units can potentially join in.

    I think in a campaign game the Japanese HQs are considered ‘other’ units that can be replaced on an appropriate roll, and draw from the cup. The Allies seem out of luck, which might or might not be an oversight. HQs are 1 Pax and 1 Eq in Baltic Gap, so they are replacable in some OCS games.

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