25th Anniversary Silver Bayonet – No P500 minimums!

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From Gene:

“The only reason I can really make a new design of this original game a reality is because my friend (and our webmaster) Mitch Land has agreed to help. As many of you know, Mitch has taken over the reigns of my original Crisis: Korea 1995 system and is now creating new games using that system in our “Next War” series. Recently he came to me and inquired about basically doing the same thing with my Operational Series – updating it and then taking it to new topics and eras.


I replied that “I’ve been thinking about doing a 25th Anniversay Edition of Silver Bayonet, and this would really help me with the workload.”

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So, we agreed, the only difference being that I’m way more involved in the Silver Bayonet project – it’s still my baby, I guess – than I was with any of theNext War series update.


So I have the original game out on my game table and am looking anew at the system, scenarios, as well as scaling issues for the reworked map (more below on map and counters). We have a May deadline to send the game to the printers (for a planned Fall release), so this is something that I’m working on daily. And Mitch is a huge help, getting the rules in shape for Mark and helping me identify areas we can tighten up in the system and scenarios.”


Fresh counters, fresh map art and bigger hexes. Hopefully they will remove the charts from the map! I’d also like to see Gene and Mitch work on how hidden counters are managed for solo players… dont want much do I ? LOL

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This game has been selling on the 2nd hand market for 20 dollars or less. A shame really. I think part of that is the impression that it is a dead series. This may revive prices a little and re kindle interest in the other two titles in the series as more fresh work arrives from Gene and Mitch.

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  1. I love the theme on this. I wonder how playable solo it will be and the note in the article about this gives me some hope.

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