2/394…bad day in the woods of Hansfelderwald…

2016-07-02 11.33.02

2/394 takes it on the chin Turn 2. Northern campaign. After its activation…it failed…It loses a step for isolation.

Then 12th SS fires up. 5.6/1 powers down the road. Fires knocking a step off, then attacks.

They earn a s1 and the 2/394 must retreat. She has no safe path and no path of retreat bar the marsh North of Murringen. They lose 2 more steps I believe making for a total of 3…

The attack had a +5 DRM on a roll of a 6.

2016-07-02 11.52.54

This cleared the road leaves the 2/394 either with  1 step or dead. I’m still checking.

Not to be delayed we make a note and power the 12th into the gap. They take a fatigue and fail their 2nd activation roll. Lazy bastards.

I elected to move the Combat Train up. There is a sequencing here that I think will help the mobile formation to  stay mildly out of trouble with DRM’s on SNAFUs. Still noodling thru that before I share any insights. If you got it worked out. Then please pop a comment.

2 thoughts on “2/394…bad day in the woods of Hansfelderwald…

  1. 2/394/99 does lose a step for NoSafePath. It does not lose a step for being in the swamp because it is not in an EZOC. So the only way it could lose another step would be if it is Out of Command Radius. I am guessing that it is still in CR unless 99ID HQ was bounced.

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