218 BC Hannibal RvC [Rome Card 7 ]

The epidemic is resolved! Instead Jeff plays for control of Massinisa, this will reduce his loss of Regions by 1! So Emporia and Nice fall to Hannibal’s hand.

DRATS! But to be expected, I thought he might try that and my last card WAS to be played there to add one PC to remove that threat. As I figured that I would risk the attrition in Bruttium for one CU.


Thus I play my card of Bad Weather, this was saved for use against a potential strike by Hannibal into Italy. So it will serve the same purpose here.

Carthage runs the Minor Campaign in Africa.  Landing on Thamugadi with the intention of converting and holding with his last card.

By playing Bad Weather we force back his unit to a Carthage controlled location.


We have one more card from Carthage to come for the end of 218 B.C.

We have had some confusing back and forth over cards, rules and card usage. So I’m slowly coming to grips and Jeff is being patient with me! 😉

That however was the plan, drive trouble to Hannibals south to force any sort of delay we can.

The deck still contains loads of woe for the Romans and 217 B.C. will require some deft defensive play unless his moves in the South create an opening that matches to cards we have at the ready.

In fact Jeff plays to convert one more PC in Idubeda.  So when we calculate isolation, all of the red PC are lost in Celtiberia, but they are no longer in Carthages control. He does pick up Massilia as the PC’s there are lost too. and he there fore has a majority of the locations.

18 provinces,  Rome has 11, Carthage 5, so  Carthage loses  6 PC markers!




Carthage gears up Hasdrubal and Hanno for re claiming lost lands.





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