217 B.C. H: RvC start

P.Scipio is made Proconsul, and Nero is drawn. Nero replaces Longus. This was a mistake. I should have kept Longus and was eligible to do that. DOAH. Nero is so lowly rated that he will have trouble doing much.

3 CU go to Scipio and 2 CU to Nero. 217_forces

I think  that Carthage only loses 5 PC not 6.  More on that if an update is needed.

Hanno has an Army of 6 a Leadership of 2 so he is evenly matched against Nero with 9. Nero also can move 6 space with a campaign card!

Rome collects a good set of cards but with Neros week leadership it will be hard to activate him to use them. I hope I can attack Hanno this year!
217_cards end218B.C.

The turn opens with Hannibal and co, placing PC rapidly thru the Iberian Peninsula.  Rome counters by spreading into Western Afrika. We are ok with them re gaining these lands but want to pump some pain into their world via Afrika and blocking the Alps.


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