213-212 H:RvC



Historically the Carthaginians struggled with culture, and strategic thinking. Their experiences on the African Continent and centuries of back history in the Middle Eastern roots of their cultural taught them that to vanquish ones opponent was to win the war.

The strategic center of gravity was the will to fight. Most races or governments after a beating or three, kneel to the victor.  Romes will to fight on, to preserve its Republic and to survive was not able to be reconciled by Carthage.

Thus no number of stunning tactical wins was going to press Rome to their collective knees.

In our game play we hope to keep Carthage off balance, long enough for Scipio to arrive, with more warriors. Similar in result, just achieved more directly. We are pressing on the very door of Carthage early, and often. To forestall that rampage across Italy.

In that vein we see Hasdrubal sail to Carthage to lift the siege.


Well that was poopy, moving about by sea from certain ports is easy for Carthage. Note to self, to watch that for my next game.

Historically Carthage was unable to leverage both its land and Sea based forces. It was also unable to leverage allies away from Rome. This only plays into the game here as a side view from card play, but the impact is impressive. For instance swaying an Spanish province away reduces the count by one for the other side. If your opponent can then populate that province and take control then you have a +ve added to your column. That is 2 PC cost not one.


Well this turn could be characterized by the deft play of Carthage or lucky cards or both.

It could also be me not know what the hell I am doing! 🙂

I had hoped to play cards to secure part of Spain. To no avail, he beats me to the punch. If you cannot have an outright win,  you win by controlling PC.  So far Jeff is doing a bang up job at clawing back Provinces and thus PC.


Now out of Africa it is a matter of time before he romps there also.213-CR-2

So I move forces to Spain to try and draw him in and back to Spain. As Scipio will be here any day now ! 🙂

The turn ends up 8-8. Rome is stymied by Carthage, and has two armies locked up fearfully watching Hannibal.

Here Jeff has slowly taken back the initiative and has me reacting to his actions. In do, he has re balanced the Province tally.

Near turn end he plays Revolt in Sicily. Ugh. This delays my plans and we spend the balance of the turn rapidly doing the whack a mole PC placement. Grrr.

Rome must seize the initiative back.


2 thoughts on “213-212 H:RvC

  1. Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage is very popular with the guys in my gaming group. Some of them are like mega-uber-super-duper Hannibal players. I play the game with them occasionally, but always get trounced. I’ll pass this article along to them.

    • my first game ….ahem… I’m turn turns ahead of this post.
      Scipio has arrived and shipped to CArthage for the deathblow- trying it early. to learn the ropes. 🙂

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