211 Scipio Counter Attacks

So Jeff is a great guy.

But you know just because someone says they will ‘teach you’ the game does not mean you should not invest your own effort!!!

h_rvc 211-ctratk

Of course I have just now discovered the idea and execution of Counter Attacks. It was not until the mighty Scipio was faced with the prospect of ignominious defeat that I realized this was even possible!!

Why? Indeed. Why!

Desperation yields a searching thru the rules for something you might be doing wrong. Sure enough there it is.

Well shame on me. This could have seen the fall of Carthage sooner perhaps!

Suffice to say Jeff was a super sport allowing me to no t accept defeat in the battle but rather  attempt the Counter Attack.


Which low and behold was successful.  So we have both played 3 cards. While there are 9 Left flank cards to played, and the Carthaginians have more cards on hand than I, I hope the switch will cause some concerns!

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