TCS: Screaming Eagles in Holland – The Alamo

Opposed game play hopefully via vassal and live board.

This should be fun, as we get into the strategy and tactics of decision cycles at the platoon scale.



EDIT – looks like this game play will not proceed. Oh well. Both of us have conflicting schedules.

Soviet Force and Fronts – Objective Moscow



NW map:

Leningrad Front

NW Front : Kanningrad to Minsk.

Central Front – Minsk to Kiev

Sth Central Front – Minsk to Rostov

SW Map

Caucasus Rostov to Orenburg

Aral Sea Region (border with Iran and China)

Semipalatinsk Front – Karaganda to SE map edge.

NE Map – Arctic Front

SE Map

China – Vladivostok to Map Edge West.

2016-08-21 20.14.00

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The GMT news letter that has you all a titter…


It is true, John Kranz is re-publishing via GMT The Russian Campaign. The venerable Australian classic first published by JEDKO games when most of us were teenagers!

I used to own this original baby. Now I just have the Avalon Hill 3rd edition, and the lovely re-imagining done by L2 games the 4th Edition with Southern Expansion.

The new artwork is a bit of a mixed bag and appears to pay homage more to the L2 version than the original or Avalon Hill versions of the game:

obsheet 2016-09-22-05-18-28

I’m not sure what art will end up in the game NATO or silhouettes? The brand new icons are rather nasty? Remind me of the tacky ironclads from US Civil War.

ctrartPerhaps the game will come with both sets and you choose. That would be cool.

A glimpse at possible map art:



Compared to the originals 3rd and 4th edition.2016-09-22-05-18-17 A little close up of the 3rd and 4th edition maps.


The question is not will the game be made, it obviously will. The question is do we need it?

Is this a errata free, corrected and enhanced game with nothing new being brought to the table? i.e. a vanity production that would be lovely to have but offers no new insights?

Will the VC’s be tweaked to let the closet Uber Germany ‘they could won only if’ boyz have their day in the sun?

Will new insights with the bright light of fresh history be incorporated?

Will the gameplay be a new and different adventure ?

For me, I’m in two minds. On the one hand, it is super that many folks will have a chance to own a bit of history for under $50 plus shipping. On the other, I have two versions already and feel hard pressed to want to play either of those again let alone a 3rd revised version.

What will you be doing?

New Red Winter Campaign!

Steve and I played a shorter scenario a few weeks back. Now we kick off  a playthrough of the full campaign.


Opening Soviet move.

Can we force the Finns to abandon  the Kivisalmi bridge without a fight?