Go For Broke

Jack glanced at the men around him. Most were hard bitten rugged settlers, former Earthers and some even Veteran Space Marines. But the rest were still kids. Six of them still had pimples and no face fuzz. He would have to watch out for them.

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“Check your clips youngsters, follow your fire team leader and do what he damn well says.” Jack had a habit of sounding pissed off evening when he was happily shooting wild game drunk as a Earth 2 loon on a red harvest nite. It came from experience.

” Men we need to get into that white pop up warehouse and secure the amour, heavy weapons and vehicles from Earth. ”

“Damn Jack do you even think that shit will work. Its hundreds of years old!” growled Devin, who emphatically spat a wad of creeper juice into the dry ground at his feet. “Well Devin you are Navy and you know as well as I do the equipment has been in stasis storage containers since we shipped from Earth and settled generations ago. Personally I cant wait to get my hands on some Earth steel, smell real oil and fire a fricken depleted uranium round right up those alien MECA’s asses. So we are going! ” His voice was the same tone, and volume. But his dark eyes glinted as he mentioned the M1’s locked away in stasis. Most of these men and had across centuries and spent more than their fair share of time in their own stasis shells.

“Move out!”

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[ Command to MECA troop A2 and A3 follow Alpha1 Squadron Leader and take up your pre ordained positions], the metallic almost robotic voice chirped over the exoskeletons voice communications modulator.

The tall agile units advanced rapidly down the street and spread out, taking up opportune positions to cover the approach of the expected militia rats who were up to some sort of mischief. 20 minutes earlier a sky sensor was tripped when 5 or more humans gathered. The MECA’s long powerful, tireless strides had them converging on an intercept path within minutes. Heavy weapons were now swung to port and locked and loaded, sweeping the approach.

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