Moscow ’41 Early Bird special

The Kick Starter Campaign link!
m41Game pieces and units:
The game will retail for 60 Euros its available along with some extra stickers for 45 Euros for the first 41 hours. Git ya some!!! I had the first order – Whoot!
The Kick Starter Campaign link! it just launched an hour ago!




The intro video above!

Run from the Dnieper and conquer Moscow. You get to fight from August thru December ’41.

Look for a a nifty expansion to take it into February 1942 with all sorts of groovy new units!

One of the exciting aspects of the game you might not see covered elsewhere is the attention to geographic detail!

The game map is taken from the Wehrmacht planning maps, with lots detail. A digitally hand drawn recreation in exacting detail!

The game also provides additional geographical historic flavour and accuracy. For instance Orel is the right size depicted as its historically accurate 19,000 population and thus the right impact!  Smolensk, its Castle and most of the city is on the correct side of the river!  Finally the Valdai hills…are depicted as they were a plateau. This will inform your views, and insights of the history.

I hope to get the rules to review ASAP. When I do I will report back.





With their backs against the wall [WaW] p2


2016-01-16 15.53.11

Lets pick up at the push across the ford. With it now being daylight, Arty begins to rain down on both sides.2016-01-16 15.53.37


The Soviets get really lucky and suffer little for ineffective barrages. Whereas the Mig 25 Foxbat units demolish US units and come back for more.

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Combat Commander how it really is played.


Now for a start please dont take this the wrong way. Lets have some fun..Because It has indeed been quiet some time since I manned up to the challenge of a Card Driven Tactical WWII game.

You know.. the “I have 5 confusion cards and can’t do shit” type of game?

The “I have 4 fire cards and arty request at the start of the game” type of game?

The “why the hell is that dude shooting at me when I know he only has a 17% chance of breaking me “type game.

Yep Combat Commander.

2016-03-25 14.12.47

I’m in the Advance After Combat CC tournament. You may not have heard of it, as it is a fairly elitist bunch of hard drinking, harder talking wargamers who believe talking smack is better than winning, and a game without beer is just an existential crisis of the soul. I dont think folks who count cards, measure percentage chance of X happening are invited (but hey you might be lurking so welcome anyway) this is more your manly mans CC.

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With our backs against the wall [WaW] P1

World at War, Platoon scale combat in the hypothetical 80’s. Chit pull activation, generates tense play and desperate maneuver, as sparse US forces scramble to slow or stop the juggernaut of Soviet armour and mechanized regiments.

2016-01-16 12.22.08 2016-01-16 13.00.41

The Chit sequence drives decisions and in this instance an even spread allowed both sides to get early shots off in a night time opening turn

End of turn progress in the approach to the river, which has all bridges blown, but the Soviets have found a fording location (SSR).

Opening volleys target deadly Bradley Fighting vehicles, while the M1’s respond by trying to take on well hunkered down BMP’s armed with saggers.

Sequence of chits!

2016-01-16 13.04.42

End Turn 1

Fire Exchanged on both sides!

Turn 2 Infantry units cross over and close assault, only to be rebuffed in heavy night fighting.

Soviet tanks and troops pay a heavy price at the ford, trying to swim past the hull down M1’s.

We reference check night vision for T-62’s…sadly in 85 they did not have it! DAMN!!

Loss mount for the US, as the heavy BMP fire zeros in on Bradleys and HQ units. Blasting thin skinned vehicles.

HE strikes and heavy missile fire dominate turn 2. The Soviets have barely crossed the river. But they have succeeded in driving the US to protect the center and leave the right somewhat exposed.

5 tanks racing for cover are caught in the suns early rise!

Just as the main forces enter the board on Turn 3! T-80s surge to the bridge, a Forward security element has a bridge layer, and BMPs are laden with men and materiel. The US player looks forlornly at his dwindling forces. The Bridge layer receives conflicting orders about destination.

Run of the chits Turn 3:

End Turn 3:

War is Boring Blog Post re Campaign for Africa!

By Robert Beckhusen over at the War is Boring Blog:

“t’s hard to exaggerate The Campaign for North Africa‘s reputation for being complicated. It might be the most intimidating tabletop game ever put to print, and it is without question the most demanding of all old-school wargames.

We can only barely describe its scale. But for starters, here’s a comparison. A typical game of Monopoly takes between 60 and 90 minutes. Axis & Allies goes for about three hours. The monstrous 1979 wargame The Longest Day can take 100 hours.

The Campaign for North Africa takes 50 days … without breaks. And you need 10 players. If you and nine friends play it as a full-time job for eight hours per day for five days a week, you’re looking at 30 weeks. ” .. read on.